Here is the new native video ad format: the |related| video
From June 2020, we are offering a new format for our clients who, in addition to supporting their content marketing activities, would like to enjoy the benefits of our huge reach in native placements for their brand-building campaigns as well.
Here is the new native video ad format: the |related| video

A unique format in the domestic market, a pop-up video that appears to users after a click or mouse-over. The solution is suitable for displaying both short (10-30 second) commercials and longer video content. After the video playback, it can be clicked through, making it suitable for driving traffic to the advertiser's website.

How the |related| video works:


What you should know about the |related| video ad:

  • it can reach at least 80 (!) percent of Hungarian internet users across our entire portfolio (Gemius April 2020),
  • a video window extending above the article page, which starts on mouse-over or click,
  • non-aggressive, unobtrusive ad format - the user decides whether they want to watch the video, so the advertiser's message reaches only genuinely interested parties,
  • suitable for playing shorter commercials or even longer videos,
  • clickable during and after playback - interested parties reach the client's website,
  • uses Vimeo Pro technology,
  • we provide detailed campaign analysis on the appearance (e.g., video starts, first 2 seconds - 50% - full playback, click-throughs)

Unlike pre-roll and other video ads interrupting content consumption on video-sharing services, the new |related| native video starts only upon the user's request and can be closed at any time.

With the help of the |related| video, we can ensure that our advertisers can introduce their target audience, clients, to their new services, products, and even provide information about their novelties in a longer format on an exclusive platform. In a content recommendation box, only one video ad appears at a time, so our clients don't have to share the user's attention.

The audio on the video interface can be switched and adjusted separately, and it can be closed freely. We continue to consider it important to offer brand-safe surfaces in a high-quality content environment, so we only accept premium advertisers' appearances in our portfolio.

Similar to our native solutions appearing in the article recommendation, campaign launch can be implemented quickly, without having to book weeks/months in advance. If the client has previously ordered TV appearances, they do not have to budget for additional creative production costs, as only the following materials are needed for the launch:

  • maximum 60-character title
  • 60-100 character lead
  • 3-4 high-quality images
  • the desired landing URL
  • MP4 file or Vimeo, YouTube link*

In addition to the reliable technological background, detailed statistical data also represents an advantage of the format. The basic measurements include ad views, video impressions, and the number and ratio of click-throughs. In addition, it is possible to examine how many people watched only 2 seconds of the video, half of it, and the entire advertisement. Client-side measurement of video appearances is also possible, and ad server-based AV and CT meters can be used.

*As an alternative to Vimeo Pro serving, YouTube videos can also be played with limited statistical and analytical capabilities.

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