"The title should be informative, and the content should be of novelty value or helpful in nature."
Our latest interviewee is Bettina Baricza, the marketer of AKH - Tire Trading House.

Please introduce yourself. What do you do? What is your field of expertise?

I am Bettina Baricza, a marketing employee at AKH - Tire Trading House. I work with the company's retail division, including online activities.

Bettina Baricza

What challenges did you face that led you to complement or replace traditional offline or online appearances?

I wouldn't call it a replacement, but rather a complement. We didn't give up on traditional media, but we were open to new opportunities and wanted to reach an audience that we hadn't been able to find with the online tools we had used so far, or at least not the way we would have liked.

In your opinion, what is it about content marketing and native advertising that can effectively and efficiently help advertisers achieve their goals?

This system captures the consumer or user in the reading phase when they are receptive to absorbing additional information. This type of advertisement does not qualify as a typical "annoying" ad that many people tend to ignore. If, in this case, the advertiser can also provide user-friendly, informative content for the visitor, it leaves a positive impression and can further strengthen brand preference and trust. In addition, a huge advantage is the predictability, as we pay for visitors on a per-click basis.

In your opinion, what distinguishes a good and a bad content marketing solution from each other? In other words, what does success depend on based on your experience?

The title should be informative, and the content should be of novelty value or assistance, for which the visitor will be "grateful" in return, i.e., give something in exchange for their attention. In fact, a well-targeted – not necessarily content-based – campaign can also hit the mark with the right wording.

What would you highlight as the main market advantage or positive aspect? Why do you like using native ads?

The extensive portfolio and its diversity, thus the possibility of reaching a wide range of visitors, the speed of management, the appropriate customer service, and the pay-per-click billing.

What is the biggest misconception that you think needs to be dispelled in the market regarding content marketing – or specifically native advertising?

The main concern for people might be the pricing or the fear of novelty. It's important to consider that with this type of advertising, you pay for the actual visitors, so it's worth taking this into account for future calculations. One should not and cannot afford to be afraid of novelty, as with the rapid development of technology and the online world, those who do not follow market trends or utilize their novelty value may fall behind. There is a much greater chance of gaining a market advantage by properly using innovations.

What was the first native appearance that you worked on and put in front of consumers? What was your experience with this activity? What did you learn from it?

At the company, the goal was to announce a specific promotion to a wider audience. I think we achieved this, as we reached a broader target audience.

Do you have a favorite native campaign? What caught your attention about it?

I have a favorite banking campaign from earlier. It's well-known that advertising financial products is difficult: there are many regulations and the topic is dry. One bank used this solution very creatively in relation to a personal loan. They outlined situations when someone might need a personal loan. For example, when the stuffed bread catches fire while baking.

Have you tried our |related| video ads, and if so, what are your experiences?

We haven't tried it yet, but in the future, if we have such campaigns, we would like to give it a try.

How long have you been working with Natív Hirdetés Kft.?

I have previous experience with Natív Hirdetés Kft., as I used to work there as a colleague. The work there was dynamic, precise, and I encountered many new things. That's why, when I continued my career elsewhere later on, I was convinced that this is a good solution for reaching the target audience.

How do you evaluate the joint campaigns so far? What has been your favorite collaboration with us?

So far, we have used the system to promote and present a specific campaign to a wider audience. We use it continuously for this periodic campaign. For us, the main focus was to reach the segment that Facebook and other banner ads are already ignoring or possibly bypassing. I believe that with this platform, we successfully reach the desired audience.