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With the introduction of AI-enabled campaign management, Native Hirdetés Ltd. once again demonstrates its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, further strengthening its position among the market-leading content recommendation and native advertising platforms.

Our new feature allows advertisers to create a number of different ad variations from a single basic text, saving time and effort, making the campaign management process easier and more efficient.

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Why is this development significant?

Automated creativity: creating the perfect ad copy takes a lot of time and effort, especially if we can't outsource the work to marketing specialists. However, with the new AI functionality, this process will be significantly simplified and made more efficient.

Optimised performance: during campaign delivery, the system can identify and prioritise the best performing creatives, but this is only effective when a variety of ads are available. The new feature makes it easy to create and test different variations.

Try it out and see how artificial intelligence can make your job easier and more efficient!

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